Friday, August 14, 2009


UnAmerican by Jill R. Johnson

I teach my kid English, I work at home all day.
I have dinner on the table when my husband gets home late.
We're behind on bills, and we worry like crazy,
But we pay our taxes, and refuse to be lazy.
We fly our flag, the Red, White and Blue.
We love our neighbors and pray for them too.
We support our soldiers and fight for good.
We volunteer when we can and give when we should.
But up on that Hill, I'm no longer free.
Pelosi says I'm unAmerican because I disagree.
Well the President can take his plan and shove it where he can.
Because if I'm unAmerican then I'm on foreign land.
I was raised in Alabama, my dad fought in Vietnam,
And I wear the stripes on my heart better than any political man.
So I'm mad as hell, we should no longer take this
From a man trying to rule with an iron fist.
Take your health plan and go away
I'm taking back my America and my freedom to say...
Your plan sucks, Obama, our seniors will be killed.
And you'll pass this crap against our will.
My child will suffer, his pediatrician will quit
And there on Capitol Hill you'll continue to sit.
So I'll show up at the Town Hall and I will protest
Because you in no way will ever know what's best.
And 2012 will bring change we need
When us unAmericans undo your deeds.

Jill R. Johnson
Born in America 1975.

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Kate said...

Genius Jill. And sadly, so true.

Hope you are well.